Mar 24, 2009

You know you have become an Israeli when

You know you have become an Israeli when

1. You can say כפרה עליך (capara alecha) and not sound ridiculous
2. Taxi drivers stop charging you double tourist rates
3. Your kids eat olives for breakfast
4. You can sms in Hebrew
5. You know the right way to ask for directions is not to say, “Excuse me, please can you tell the best way to get to the Ayalon” but to wind your window down and shout “Ayalon???”
6. You can say לך לקיבינימט (lech lkebinimat) and get away with it
7. Your old friends from home think you are the rudest person they have ever met
8. You turn up for wedding just as the bride is walking down the aisle. Then proceed to smoke, drink and make phone calls while they get married.

9. You live in the artist quarter of Neve Tzedek 


  1. you know you have become an Israeli when not only do you not gasp when someone asks you how much you paid for your house, but you also tell them!