Mar 19, 2009

New modern mezuzahs

I am creating new line of new modern mezuzahs with photographic images. Do you have a snap that you are particularly proud of?
Send it to me, and if your picture is used you will win a prize.

The part of the picture that will be used is a thin strip, either 8 cm x 2 cm for the small mezuzah or 13 cm x 2 cm for the large size, so it is best if it has extremes of colour and tone – it has to make an impact in a small space.

Some good ideas would be; Israel themes - The flag, stones of the Western Wall, pomegranates in the shuk.

Nature - flowers – bold close ups, dramatic sunsets. Kids - your child’s drawing – must be colorful!

I don’t mind if your picture is highlighted, cropped or photoshopped to within an inch of its life, but I can’t use faces or people – it mustn’t look like we are praying to idols - it is a mezuzah after all!

In anticipation…

Rainbow Saturn Rings Handcrafted Mezuzah

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