Mar 19, 2009

Pesach Seder Plates

My Mum, Aunt and brother-in-law are all coming to stay for Pesach so I have to hide all the mess. We have a huge bed that lifts up with a compartment underneath. I am hoping to find all the guest linen in there, and in one fell swoop, ditch all the mess and rubbish that we have accumulated since last Pesach underneath it. But bed has mind of its own, and tries to close on my head with my legs sticking out. Have to use superwoman strength to lift it up...and then use conventional methods of tidying up.
Luckily the studio doesn't need a massive clear out, I am pretty good at keeping things organized at work. At the moment we are preparing
Pesach Seder Plates since the festival of Passover is just around the corner.

Since it was in Bon App├ętit Magazine a couple of years ago the demand for them has been amazing and it has become my best selling item. They are made from a sheet of heavy gauge aluminum. I polish it to a fine mirror finish, engrave the Seder words and then stamp the depressions with a ten ton press. Each one turns out slightly different. Then the Seder plate is repolished and signed and ready for shipping for Passover directly to my customers or to the Judaica galleries that I work with.

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