Mar 17, 2009

My new Judaica website in HTML

So I am remaking my Judaica website. I've been told that while Flash is lovely for all your arty bit and bobs, it doesn't cut it with the search engines, so I have to go the HTML way. It's hard to go commercial, but this is 2009 credit crunch world recession era, so it's not the time to be fussy.

My webmaster, who is a Flash girl at heart, has been living and breathing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the last month, so much that she doesn't talk in sentences anymore, only keywords. webmaster edit: She said that if I want my Judaica website to be found in search I need to blog about my handcrafted Jewish wedding gifts and link to some of the pages from here. 

The site has been checked over by a top SEO specialist and he gave it the thumbs up. So I am hoping to get worldwide exposure, without even having to step out of my studio.

Here's a link to the site

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