Apr 9, 2014

Less is more

I do feel proud of myself that I achieved one of my goals and I have created a collection of (almost) all the Judaica essentials. For Shabbat I already have made a Kiddush Cup and several types of candlesticks..

Shamayim Varetz Kiddush Cup

This year I decided to design a Matza plate to match the Dune Seder plate collection.

Dune Shiny Steel Seder Plate

I had several design ideas for the matza plate with square curved steel like the Dune Seder plate. But my instinct was to pare the design down, and use just my essential design elements – a combination of matt and polished metal and a laser cut word. Something about the design just worked better like this, I think because after a lot of trial and error I got the proportions exactly right. The more simple the design – the more “correct” the proportions need to be. And judging by the reaction (my most popular item this season) I think I got the aesthetics right
Steel Matza Plate

At the request of one of my Charoset loving collectors I also designed a Charoset plate, a simple square of highly polished steel, curved and engraved with the Hebrew word חרוסת and raised on protective silicon feet.
Haroset Plate
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy and Kosher Pesach. I will be celebrating here in Tel Aviv with my family. If you are in Israel please contact me if you'd like to pop in and say hello at my workshop in Neve Tsedek.

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