May 29, 2011

Jewish Mom in Denial

After 6 years of denial I have come to the realization that I am not just Laura Cowan, innovative contemporary designer, a determined Judaica artist who doesn't care what people think and always says what she means.

I am, in fact Laura Cowan Jewish Mom.
I'm a stressed out, over stretched, sleep deprived school run mom just like millions of others.

I have a dream that by the time my youngest is in school (I have three kids, 6, 3 and 1), I'll have more time for gallery openings and undisturbed designing and less preoccupied with how to occupy three little ones while I get the dinner on, supervise homework and make play dough monsters. 

Wonder if there's any future in Judaica made from play dough monsters?  Perhaps for the 10 plagues of Passover or the bad guys at Purim. Hmm....


  1. I'm a jewelry making mom and I know exactly how you feel!

    1. H Jenny, I only just saw your comment. I started making jewelry too this year

  2. To about 15 million Jews all over the world, religious devotion goes hand in hand with their attachment to Judaica or the Jewish art objects that embody the spiritual and ethical principles of Judaism, the religion as old as humanity itself. I'm also a Jewish mom like you.

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