Apr 3, 2011

How is this Seder different from all other Seders?

When I grew up we had a very traditional Seder night. It was the highlight of the year for my Grandpa and he read and sung every word of the Hagada with such intensity and vibrancy, that I’ve been looking for a Seder like it ever since then. Every year my Grandma used to say with a smile on her face, “David, not so loud, you’ll disturb the neighbours”. He also led a Seder night in the barracks during his service in the Second World War. I wish he could have seen my Pesach Seder Plates too.

I’m hosting this year so I asked around to find out how I can make it more interesting for my children. Roni, my creative and talented assistant told me that the highlight of their Seder is the 10 Plagues. Rather than just read them out and dip the finger in the wine, they actually recreate each one.

For example for Dam (blood) the kids squeeze ketchup on their plates, for Barad (hail) Roni throws hundreds of polystyrene balls up in the air. And, my favourite, for Hoshech (darkness) she turns all the lights off and gives all the children stick lights!

I am going to adopt those traditions this year. Not sure what my Grandpa would make of it...If you have any interesting old or new traditions I'd love it hear about them, please comment in the box below.

Wishing you a great holiday whether you celebrate in a traditional or non-traditional manner.


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  1. I love that idea, especially the ketchup.