Dec 12, 2010

How to clean the wax off your Chanukah Menorah

One of my favourite customers sent me this email, I thought I'd share it with you.

Hi Laura
Hope you are well. I have one of your lovely Cone Hanukka Menorahs that Greg bought me for my wedding. It's the one with all the colourful cones. I was wondering how to clean all the wax off it - any tips?
Hi Alexis.
Lovely to hear from you. The best way is to heat the wax with a hair dryer and clean it off with a kitchen towel and use Q-tips (ear buds) if you need to get into the candle bits. Or you can put it in the sink and pour boiling water over it, the wax should just pop out of the candle holders, but it can get a bit messy.
The most important thing is not to attack it with a knife! It could scratch the finish.

Hi Laura
That's brilliant - thanks. All done and looks like new!
Shabbat Shalom

Quick note - If you have one of my stainless steel magnetic menorahs, the best way to shine up the base is with regular vinegar (this also works for fridge doors, and is much more efficient and cheaper than any special steel cleaner!)


  1. Fabulous tip thanks!! I did reach for the knife for my lovely Blue and Silver menorah from your range

  2. Hi Kaz. Put the knife down! Next year only hairdryer or hot water on your menorah, ok?