May 2, 2010

Mezuzahs in Space

You may remember that last year the American astronaut Greg Chamitoff took two of my rocket shaped mezuzahs, the Apollo and the Shuttle on a NASA expedition to the International Space Station. Since astronauts only get to travel with a small amount of possessions, I was flattered that 2 were my mezuzahs!

As the mezuzahs travelled to space, the story travelled round the world, appearing in newspapers from New York to Moscow, Israel to France, and of course on the web. I was interviewed on Israeli radio and a news crew from the Israeli/ Russian RTV news team even came and filmed me working in the studio.

I heard from Greg recently and he was kind enough to send me this picture of my Shuttle mezuzah (side view) floating in zero gravity!

What a view!

Here's a closer view of the two mezuzahs

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