Dec 6, 2009

Splash Dreidels - a Hanukkah Dreidels craft project for kids

Splash Dreidels - a Hanukkah craft project for kids.
Not messy, just looks it, appeals to toddlers.

(Also called Jackson Pollack drip technique dreidels for the more sophisticated budding artist)

You’ll need;

A shoe box
Scotch tape
A dreidel (the flat type that looks like a disc with a handle)
Paint – any type as long as it’s runny. The best is gouache or poster paint in a squeezy tube.
Plain Paper
A compass
Small blob of modeling clay (plasticine)
Sharp pencil
Glitter (optional)
Lots of newspaper
Sense of humor in case it goes wrong and does get messy (don’t blame me!)


1. Cut a large window in the top of the shoe box lid (about 6 inch by 6 inch - big enough to get a dreidel in and out)
2. Tape the lid on to the bottom part of the box
3. Using a compass, mark out about 10 discs the same size as the dreidel‘s diameter on some plain paper. Mark the centre point too.
4. Cut out the discs.
5. Make a central hole. The best way to do this is to place the hanukkah dreidel on a piece of modeling clay and poke a sharp pencil through it.
6. Place the paper disc over the handle of the dreidel.
7. Put the dreidel in the shoe box.
8. Spin it.
9. Dribble paint onto the hanukkah dreidel while its spinning
10. Experiment with different speeds, colors and paints.
11. If you are using glitter, sprinkle it on while the paint is still wet.
12. Remove the disc and place it (out of the way of little hands) to dry, preferably over night.
13. What to do with the discs – We used them to make a centipede collage. If you are crafty, you can use thicker card and small pencils to make new dreidels. Try using a small marker pen as a handle with the tip pointing down and spin it with the lid off – it make s a lovely pattern on the paper.

Happy Crafty Hanukkah!

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