Sep 16, 2009

Looking back at the year - תשס"ט

Things I am grateful for ;

Knowing what I want
I feel blessed that I know what I want and that I love to create, so much that it can make me laugh out loud, dance for joy or hug my staff.

My kids
Fortunate to have two funny, smart, silly, driving me crazy half the time, loving, healthy children (that now let me sleep at night, hurrah!)

My new staff
Kandi, my office manager and Roni, my silversmith have taken all the pressure off my work, so I am able to dedicate my time to my favourite parts - design, creation and contact with clients. So if you are in the Neve Tsedek neighbourhood come in and say hello!

My iphone
If you have one then I don’t need to describe the joy. If you don’t, go and get one!

My business advisor - Haim
Haim has the answer to every question I ask. Sometimes a direct answer, sometimes spiritual and sometimes he makes me find the answer, but there is always an answer. It’s like therapy.

My family
I am lucky to have a close and supportive family –husband, brothers, mum as well as great in laws, whom always have my back.

Things I wish I could have changed

Mobile phone bill
In the thousands, after foolishly surfing the internet abroad on my iphone

Waiting at home…
…. for my husband Mickey to return from the war in Gaza

Like the whole business world, the Judaica field has slowed down this year, so I have been forced to change my design strategies to create less expensive products (Hannukah Menorahs and Mezuzot that should be ready in a couple of weeks)

Gilad Shalit could be at home with his family for Rosh Hashanah

Here’s to a happy, healthy, creative and inspiring תש"ע


  1. Excited to see new mezuzah and Hannukiah designs, you're a great designer.

    try surfing the waves instead of internet, it's cheaper and way more fun.

    Happy New Year

  2. saw your new designs on your website v cool, keep up the good work! KC

  3. Any new designs coming up?