Apr 28, 2009

Mezuzah Love

I am designing a mezuzah (based on the above image) that has LOVE on it in many languages

I need to check that I have the right words (must be the noun)

So far I have got

French - Amour
German - Liebe
Italian - Amore
Spanish - Amor
Hebrew - Ahava אהבה
Swedish - KÄRLEK
Danish - Kærlighed
Dutch - liefhebben
Polish - miłość
Japanese - 愛???
Chinese traditional ??? - 愛???
Chinese simplified - 恋
Russian - Купидон
Yiddish - Libn

If one of these is your native language can you confirm that I have got the correct word?
Google linguistics is giving me the same word/symbol for Japanese and Chinese...

And if you have anymore to add please contact me


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